I recently posted this question: “What does everyone think of the new Flourish campaign? Flaws/weaknesses? Strengths of it? What does Flourish mean to you?” on Facebook under the You Went to Sweet Briar College if… Group

I immediately started getting replies and here is the link to all these responses: https://www.facebook.com/groups/266755730006157/310082382340158/

Some critique the new campaign:

Caity Gladstone

I personally just think that far too much effort (read: money) is going in to this campaign in order to attract potential students when perhaps the best way to attract potential students would be to instead use that money for practical things, such as technology, increased events- social or academic, and the general upkeep of the school. If they really want to advertise why not just get more participation from current students in job fairs, and within Admissions?

Make students want to come there by continuing to invest more in the school than in a website design. Because I can honestly say that when I was choosing my undergraduate college, the website didn’t have that much of a bearing upon my decision. …Neither did a slogan.

And others praise the campaign:
Melanie Rinehart

As a current student, the Flourish campaign has the opportunity to encompass *how* we grow and learn at SBC, especially with our (highly regarded) professors creating such a strong academic environment. The issue many of the current students have is that we don’t feel using a cartoon to advertise an open house, for example, is the best way to represent the school in a serious academic light.

Within a year, I was able to make the best friends of my life, find my academic passion, and become confident in my abilities as an academic while still having FUN with the traditions and women I go to school with- that is what Flourish is!

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