I wanted to get many opinions on the “Flourish” campaign from students, but I also wanted to get opinions from the college’s personnel who worked closely with the campaign.

When asking President Jo Ellen Parker of Sweet Briar College what the goals were of the “Flourish” campaign she responded, “The goal of all Sweet Briar’s marketing efforts – including the creation of the videos, the redesign of the web site, print materials, and magazine, and the increased use of social media like Facebook – is to represent the college in a dynamic way that will appeal to prospective students, their families, alumnae and other supporters. We want them to want to know more about Sweet Briar and to seek more information by visiting the web site, asking for more information, “liking” our Facebook page, and so on. With regard to prospective students, marketing materials are intended to get them interested enough to be in contact with Admissions so that a counselor can begin to work with them individually.”

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what “Flourish” means to each student at the college and President Parker provides her meaning  of “Flourish” as, “To me, personally, “flourish” represents the way students thrive, grow, and succeed here on campus. I also like the fact that it evokes “flower” and thus echoes the Sweet Briar rose theme – and to my mind, it doesn’t hurt that it also evokes bold gestures.”

Some questions wondered by many students is who the college hired to create the many advertisements and videos, which President Parker says, “Last year MMC worked with a design firm called Smog and a videography firm called Chisel Industries.”

With further research I came upon the Smog Design Inc. website, which Sweet Briar College is represented on their Home page and their Featured Work page.  Some of Smog Design’s other featured work is:  The Art of Cars 2Selena Gomez –  When the Sun Goes DownJohn Mayer – Battle StudiesKaty Perry –  California Dreams Tour, and Britney Spears – Femme Fatale. Smog Design company also has a blog and their most recent post about Sweet Briar College is titled: Back to School by Ryan Corey on Sept. 16th 2011.  The Back to School blog post says “Over the past year, we’ve been working with Sweet Briar College—a Women’s College located in Sweet Briar, Virginia. We’ve created a whole slew of fresh new pieces for them, from their  viewbook to promotional posters and mailers. It’s great to be able to create work in this vein and we want to share some of the things that we’ve made for them recently.”

Chisel Industries, which made 3 of Sweet Briar College’s new marketing videos got it start only six years before with many awards that started in 2005.  Its Home page provides many of the marketing videos they have created recently and their About pageshows a video with all of the companies sponsors including Sweet Briar College.  Chisel Industries motto is “We sculpt stories that make a difference. And we want to tell yours.” CHISEL’s team have led Internationally-recognized projects for: KEEN FOOTWEAR, PROVIDENCE HEALTH & SERVICES, MTV, VANNS, HATCH, DIRECT TV, VELOCITY, GREENFLOW, LIQUID PLANET, MOONLIGHT BASIN, LOCATI ARCHITECTS, UNIVERSAL ATHLETIC, 1st INTERSTATE BANK, FIRST LANDING FIJI RESORT, MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY, THE UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA, & STATE OF MONTANA TOURISM.