The reason I started this blog was because I want to do an investigative article on how much the new media, marketing, and communications campaign “Flourish” has increased the enrollment for this year at Sweet Briar College.  I will also look at how much the Sweet Briar community has changed because of the feeling that the students were not involved in the decision making processes towards the new campaign.
I want to compare the “Flourish” campaign to the “Think is For Girls” campaign when it was first established and how much it increased the enrollment back when it first was developed as well.  Also the idea that if the “Think is For Girls” campaign was instead just revamped to be more accommodating to these new generations would people think the enrollment would increase the same, less, or more than the whole new creation of the “Flourish” campaign?

A lot of upper class women at SBC had loved the “Think is For Girls” campaign and feel that the “Flourish” campaign diminished what the school really stood for, but were told the school was not marketing current student opinions but that of perspective students. Current students didn’t feel they had any say in the new campaign and therefore felt not included in the schools decisions towards the future.

I think with these results that I will get from Sweet Briar’s admissions office, the head of the “Flourish” campaign and the president, will show students how much the “Flourish” campaign did or didn’t help the school’s enrollment and the colleges overall feeling of community since the change in the campaign.  People need data that proves the “Flourish” campaign actually changed Sweet Briar for the better for them to start accepting the campaign a little more.